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Adoption Related Services, Inc. is accepting applications for individuals and couples who wish to adopt from Lativa.

International Adoption From Latvia

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Adoption Related Services, Inc. is approved by the Latvian Central Authority to assist couples and individuals with an adoption from Latvia.

Latvia is a Hague Country and any adoption from Latvia must comply with the convention.

Central Authority: The Ministry of Welfare for the Republic of Latvia is the central child adoption authority in Latvia.

Adoption Related Services, Inc. is working through the Central Authority in Latvia and with an experienced adoption team, to help families successfully adopt Latvian children.

Children Available For Adoption

Adoption Related Services, Inc. believes that all children adopted from an orphanage or foster home, will have some level of special need due to their environment and the circumstances that surround their removal from their biological home.

Latvia Children

Who Can Adopt?

Length of the Adoption Process and Travel Requirements.

From the submission of your dossier to the Ministry of Welfare, the adoption of a child from Latvia can take about six to eight months. In some cases the process can be longer.

Prospective adoptive parents must understand that with any adoption, there is no set timeline as many factors are involved with the process.

The adoption team does everything within its power to make the process as smooth as possible. However, as a prospective adoptive parent, you must be able to tolerate delays and other developments that may occur during an international adoption process.

To download a Latvian Information packet with an application, please visit the Contact us page of this website.

The following information is available upon request:


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Adoption Related Services, Inc. is now accepting applications for Latvian adoptions!
For more information about adopting from Latvia, contact us at 717-227-9560.