Adoption Related Services, Inc. achieved its Hague Accreditation in March 2008



Adoptions Related
Services, Inc.

8 South Main Street
P.O. Box 201
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

717-227-9562 (fax)


Agency Fees

Adoption Related Services, Inc avails its fee schedule to families as part of their initial request for information, again in their home study and/or adoption packet and as part of the home study and/or adoption agreement. The agency has made a serious attempt to not bundle fees but rather to list them separately. We have made an honest attempt to assess the fees that are involved with an adoption. It is our goal that families do not have any surprises with regards to fees and that they can plan accordingly.

Please be mindful that there are fees that are flexible such as; travel, monetary exchange rates fuel costs, as well as governmental fees. We explain to families that they should expect that these fees are not stagnant and that ARS can’t control them.

ARS has an ethical and transparent fee policy. ARS does not disguise fees, raise our initial fees and then pretend to offer discounts, nor do we participate in any manner of bait and switch. Our fees are clearly stated for all consumers to review. If any family has questions about our agency fees, they are welcome to call the office at any time.