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Adoption Grants

There are organizations that offer grants to help defray the costs of adoption. For those parents that qualify, grants are an excellent way of financing an adoption because the money does not have to be repaid. The amount of any grant may have to be reported as income to the recipients. If the grant is awarded in the tax year that the adoption is finalized, the federal tax credit will likely offset any tax liability related to the grant. Adoptive parents who are awarded a grant should consult with both the grant-awarding organization as well as a tax professional as to the potential tax implications. Grants are typically awarded based upon financial need or personal hardship, although each grant has its own eligibility requirements. Below are some organizations that may be of assistance. Each organization will make their own determination and Adoption Related Services, Inc. has no relationship with any of these organizations.

A Child's Desire
Ibsen Adoption Network
Gift of Adoption Fund
Fore Family Foundation
United Way International
Home for Good Foundation
Brittany's Hope Foundation
Life International
I Care Foundation
Gift of Adoption Fund
National Adoption Foundation
Topeka Community Foundation
Building Families Fund
Open Arms Children's Charities
Promise the Children
Caroline's Promise
God's Grace Adoption Ministry
His Kids Too!
One World Adoption Fund
Sea of Faces Foundation
Shaohanna's Hope
TMG Foundation
The ABBA Fund
A Child Waits Foundation
Gift of Adoption Fund
National Endowment for Financial Education
Federal Employees Adoption Benefits